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Smart Communications Announces New Contact Center Solution

April 10, 2017

Smart Communications, a provider of software as a service (SaaS) solutions for contact centers, has announced the unveiling of a new suite of products. These new offerings are not intended to be standalone products, but are instead features to supplement the existing solutions put forward by Smart Communications in order to improve the user experience, ease of use, and insight that is gleaned from these products.

Some of these new features are incredibly simplistic, while others can completely change the experience of using Smart Communications solutions; however, all of them are useful. For example, Smart Communications is rolling out new templates for their contact center solutions, allowing for more customization so businesses can tailor their solution to whatever their specific needs may be. There have also been changes made to improve the integration capabilities between Smart Communications’ platforms and other applications, making it easier for data to be imported and exported through Microsoft Word or Excel, for example.

One of the things that Smart Communications has prided itself on is its ability to constantly update its software to stay on the cutting edge. “In an industry where other legacy providers boast about release cycles every 18 months, we are proud to continue our commitment to releasing major product releases twice each year,” stated George Wright, CEO of Smart Communications. “As the only independent company solely-focused on enterprise CCM, Smart Communications is committed to delivering innovation that enables our customers to scale the conversation across every key communication channel, and we’ll continue to bring new technology advancements – particularly in mobile and wearables – that set the pace for where these conversations are heading.”

Smart Communications is a good example of what contact center solutions need to provide in today’s day and age. Solutions need to be easy to use and provide quality data insight. In order to achieve this, providers need to constantly update their products to match the latest advancements in technology. Look for more contact service solutions to be constantly updating in the future.