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VoiceFoundry Improves Contact Center Operations with Freshdesk

April 05, 2017

VoiceFoundry was already a pretty recognizable name in the field when it came to contact center solutions, thanks in large part to its tendency to focus on customer engagement. Drawing attention to such an offering—particularly in a growing field of competitors in contact center operations—can be particularly difficult, and VoiceFoundry has taken new steps to establish a better market presence thanks to a new partnership with Freshdesk.

As part of the partnership, VoiceFoundry has joined the Freshdesk Marketplace, offering a new CTI Connector system to make it easier to connect voice calls to Freshdesk's help desk ticketing solution. Freshdesk recently brought out the Freshdesk Marketplace as a way to make it easier for users to find desired solutions as part of the Freshdesk ecosystem, and with VoiceFoundry involved, it's about to get its own line of products out in front of more users.

VoiceFoundry's CTI Connector, meanwhile, is built around the Amazon Connect system, and allows contact center agents a better, faster way to get access to customer information during a call. A simple screen pop-up shows a variety of information points, from service history to ticket ID, and also allows users to start a new ticket right from the information screen.

Freshdesk's vice president of alliances and distribution, Francesco Rovetta, commented, “Freshdesk is focused on helping customers deliver exceptional customer service, our work with the VoiceFoundry supports that mission. The Amazon Connect integration provides a new way for customers to integrate our helpdesk software with an innovative contact center solution. The VoiceFoundry team has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.”

As partnerships go, this one is likely to be a winner. Freshdesk gets a great new option to offer its current customers, which means it can better reinforce its value among current customers and reduce the chances of having any of these jump ship for competitors. Meanwhile, VoiceFoundry gets access to a whole new market of users, and that improves its own potential reach. Plus, it also adds to the chance that those who are happy with the CTI Connector system will come back to VoiceFoundry for other options, having discovered the value that VoiceFoundry can bring to the table.

This combination of value makes such partnerships worth pursuing, and will likely end well for both Freshdesk and VoiceFoundry. New markets, new products, and improved perception in the market make for great reasons to put such partnerships to work.