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Nubia Offers Exceptional Customer Experience with B2X Solution

April 04, 2017

Back in February, B2X, a provider of end-to-end customer care solutions for mobile and IoT devices, announced its new partnership with Nubia, an international smartphone manufacturer. In February, the two companies discussed their after-sale partnership for the Indian market, and now they’re taking their collaboration to the U.S.

The name Nubia may have you scratching your head because you likely haven’t heard of the fairly new smartphone manufacturer. In January 2017, it entered the U.S. market with its flagship model Z11 and the smaller Z11 mini. However, the models are only sold online through online stores such as Amazon and Newegg, although there are plans to open further sales channels later this year. Nubia’s quest to become a household name is the driving force behind its partnership with B2X. B2X has a global presence in more than 140 countries and a nationwide network of over 500 trusted service partners that are sure to help Nubia boost its presence.

One of the best ways for a company to become popular is through word of mouth, and that tends to happen when a company has exceptional customer service. People are much more likely to recommend a company they’ve had positive customer experiences with than others. By teaming up with B2X, Nubia has all but ensured that consumers are going to start talking about the smartphone manufacturer’s great customer service.

The smartphone service B2X offers Nubia customers is based on its SMARTCARE Technology platform, which allows all service processes to be tracked transparently and in real time. From the very start, B2X helps Nubia offer a superior customer experience because consumers who have a question about their device or need a repair can contact customer care at any time via the support website. Questions about the operation of a Nubia device are answered directly. One of the more appealing aspects of the partnership’s customer service is that, if a hardware defect is found within or outside of the warranty period, Nubia and B2X offer a 48-hour exchange service. This helps customers gain access to a functioning smartphone again as quickly as possible.

Thanks to this partnership and the SMARTCARE Technology platform, the customer experience is tracked in real time from the moment a consumer reports a problem with his/her device to the moment a repaired device is returned to the customer. This level of customer service is admirable, and is something everyone in customer service—especially contact centers—should strive to achieve. By implementing similar contact center solutions, all customer service agents can offer this kind of attentive behavior to consumers.

Edited by Maurice Nagle