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Cisco, Valor Improve Customer's Contact Center

April 03, 2017

Cisco and Valor Global have recently been promoting their partnership, through which they deliver call center solutions. And the companies have come out with a case study discussing how one public sector entity, which the partners declined to name, was able to address some of its challenges with the assistance of Valor.

This particular customer was an existing user of the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution hosted by CenturyLink. But, the case study indicates, the customer was having problems with frustrated staff members and low customer satisfaction rates.

After investigating the situation, Valor Global said it discovered a lack of organizational goal alignment and accountability with the customer. Cisco and team also found a need to create a clearer process and better tools to assist front-line agents, that the system was hanging up on callers who exceeded 45 minutes of hold time, and that data was not readily available to aid in planning and improvement initiatives. And the customer’s director of operations told Valor that the organization wanted to answer all customers’ calls within 60 seconds, driving customer satisfaction and creating net promoters in the process.

Valor helped to identify clear objectives, assign KPIs based on the SMART goal methodology, align the center, institute daily huddle communications and execute operational best practices. That enabled the customer to achieve its 60-second call answering goal by September 2016, well ahead of the Jan. 1, 2017 target date. In fact, they were able to reduce call wait times from more than 45 minutes to just 28 seconds, increase first call resolution from 20 to 90 percent, reduce call transfer rates by 68 percent, decrease involuntary turnover from more than 200 percent to 10 percent, and increase employee utilization from 25 percent to more than 80 percent. Cisco, Valor Global, and CenturyLink also worked together to provide a workforce management solution, allow for data gathering and analytics, leverage Valor’s expertise in LEAN improvements, implement self-service options, provide bilingual support, and allow the customer to scale its contact center as needed.

Edited by Alicia Young