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TAS United Helps Contact Centers Embrace Cloud Storage

March 13, 2017

If you’ve ever called customer service before, you’re likely familiar with the automatic voice message that informs you that your call may be recorded for X, Y, Z reasons. Unless there’s a problem with the interaction or a contact center manager decides to use that recording for teaching purposes, the recording is most likely never listened to. But what happens to it? Where does it go? Is it just floating around out there, waiting to eventually be deleted? And isn’t it awfully hard to organize the hundreds of recordings that are made every single day? TAS United, LLC has recently launched its Voice Logger Cloud Storage solution to solve these questions.

Voice Logger Cloud Storage is a software application for contact center answering services that securely transfers all voice recordings to cloud storage. I say securely because the software meets all requirements for HIPPA compliance; so whether you’re calling customer service to get your refrigerator fixed or talking to an insurance agent about important information, your call recording is secure in the cloud.

The software, which offers unlimited cloud storage, operates in tandem with Amtelco’s Voice Logger software. It processes all voice recordings made by a contact center, securely transfers them to the cloud storage, and then recordings are moved to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) using an encrypted connection to maintain security and HIPPA compliance. According to the announcement, “The organizational structure and integrity of the recordings are retained for easy retrieval by Amtelco’s Web portal, as well as other third-party Web portals.”

Based on the way contact centers have been organizing their recordings, software like this was desperately needed. “The call center industry is trending away from traditional storage servers to Web-based applications in an effort to streamline their operations,” said Kevin Ryan, Managing Partner – Business Development at TAS United. “Our Voice Logger Cloud Storage software is a practical, effective solution that addresses two key needs expressed by call center owners and IT staff – enhanced security to meet all HIPAA requirements and limitless cloud-based storage. This software is innovation at its best.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi