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VHT and Voxai Bring Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions

March 13, 2017

Voxai, a consulting firm that focuses on contact centers and managed services, has partnered with Virtual Hold Technology to work on optimizing its contact center solutions. Its main focus is creating better contact center solutions across multiple industries, including hospitality, energy, government and finance.

The partnership with VHT is mostly aimed at incorporating callback functionality into its existing contact center platform. This would allow customers to use the Internet, SMS messaging, or other messaging platforms to request a callback time. Rather than waiting on hold, customers could schedule a time that they could get a call back from the contact center in order to work through their issue. This allows customers to interact with customer service agents on their time, and saves them the time that would have been wasted while waiting on hold. Because of this, the option is very popular with customers, and Voxai is looking to integrate it across all channels.

“VHT has become a critical part of the superior customer experience that Voxai creates for companies so they can win and retain customer loyalty,” said Sunil Rudraraju, CEO of Voxai Solutions. “Voxai manages many high-profile customer contact centers. VHT's highly available solutions, in addition to their broad omnichannel functionality, were the deciding factors in confirming our partnership. We look forward to incorporating VHT's omnichannel solutions into more of our accounts.”

VHT will also provide voice transcription and data analytic solutions to Voxai that will allow contact centers to review their customer interactions and alter and improve their approach. This has been another big trend in contact centers as they look for ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

The addition of callback functionality into contact centers is another example of businesses leveraging technology to make their customer experience even better. They are taking one of the most cited complaints that customers have about contact centers (waiting on hold), and using technology to make it better by allowing customers to schedule their own callback times.