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ServiceMotivate Takes Aim at Agent Engagement

March 03, 2017

The contact center is the customer service hub of an organization, serving on the frontlines of the customer experience, offering resolution to even the crankiest of customers. In order for the status quo to be customer satisfaction, agents must be engaged and determined to deliver the level of service expected today. This week, Callidus Software Inc. announced a new armament for the contact center arsenal promising to improve the customer experience and agent performance, ServiceMotivate.

The new solution from Callidus incorporates customer feedback, gamification and digital motivation into the contact center agent’s existing working environment to improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter (NPS) scores, data accuracy and case closure rates.

“One of the key pillars of CX is Employee Engagement,” said Bruce Temkin, managing partner of the Temkin Group. “Companies that want to be CX leaders must use feedback and other mechanics to more deeply engage their team members.”

The newly formed CallidusCloud CX joins expertise in digital motivation and customer feedback by bringing the Badgeville and Clicktools teams together. The group will work to forward customer and agent engagement to boost the bottom line. And in doing so, build the company a loyal customer base.

“A great customer experience begins from within. Motivating the right behaviors is critical for creating a team of employees focused on the customer experience,” said Jon Shalowitz, general manager of CallidusCloud CX. “We want to help create motivation in the moment that helps reinforce the right behaviors for both employees and customers.”

Exceptional customer service starts with a culture, and comes to light with engaged and enthusiastic agents. For anyone who has ever worked in a contact center, you’ve been told, “Always answer the phone with a smile.” Why is this? Because believe it or not you can hear it!

Like the great Louis Armstrong once sang, “Can't you hear that pitter pat, oh that happy tune is your step. Life can be so sweet, on the sunny side of the street.” If only more contact center agents lived on the sunny side of the street.