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Oracle and Radish Partner for Visual Contact Center Experience

February 09, 2017

One of the biggest complaints about calling into contact centers is how easily miscommunication occurs. There’s nothing worse than trying to explain a problem to an agent, and having them not fully understand what you’re talking about. On the flip side, it’s also difficult for agents to try to explain solutions in a variety of ways so that the caller understands how to fix whatever problem they may have. Even with the emphasis on omnichannel in contact centers, conveying what exactly you’re talking about can prove to be difficult.

I’m sure you can probably relate to what I’m saying. More likely than not, you’ve been in the middle of a frustrating phone call and thought, “If only they could see what I’m talking about.” Well, one company is looking to make that wish a reality. Radish Systems announced yesterday that it has become a Silver level member in the Oracle PartnerNetwork. Thanks to its Silver membership, Radish will now be able to sell the ChoiceView Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Visual Live Assistance platform to Oracle Cloud customers.

As a result, callers to the contact centers will finally have that “Aha!” moment because visuals will be paired with the phone calls. ChoiceView augments Live and Virtual Assistants with “voice with visuals” assistance. That means customers and agents will literally be able to see what the other party is talking about. This is another step in the right direction toward omnichannel and making call experiences as enjoyable and easy as possible for everyone involved.

Theresa Szczurek, Radish’s CEO, stated, “Adding visuals to voice information improves customers’ comprehension, especially when dealing with difficult issues. Remember, ‘One picture is worth a thousand words.’ Our relationship with Oracle helps increase ChoiceView's outreach to businesses that strive to improve customer experience through cloud-based solutions.”

Clearly, teaming up with Oracle was a smart idea for Radish because this move allows the company to reach a whole new customer set. Likewise, a smart move for you would be to head on down to ITEXPO this week. Oracle’s Brian Kracik took part in a panel titled “How Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is Reshaping Managed Services in the 21st Century,” earlier today, and there’s still plenty more to come!

Edited by Stefania Viscusi