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Masergy Releases Cloud Contact Center for Productivity

February 07, 2017

In today’s omnichannel world, contact centers need to evolve quickly in order to keep up with customer demands. Gone are the days where customers are content to sit on the phone waiting for an agent, sometimes for what seemed like hours. Thanks to the Internet and mobility, consumers are used to instant gratification and no longer want to wait around for a response.

Masery Communications Inc. is looking to meet this need with its new Cloud Contact Center. The Cloud Contact Center provides an omnichannel system that helps companies transition to a unified cloud platform, which will ultimately improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, drive incremental sales and strengthen brand identity.

The Cloud Contact Center is an extension of Masergy’s Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) solution. Its purpose is to determine how to best route each customer interaction based on predictive analytics. So, unlike traditional contact centers that only offer one-at-a-time, voice only inbound queuing, the Cloud Contact Center allows agents to view and respond to customers via Web chat, SMS, email and Twitter from one screen. Needless to say, this lets agents work more productively because their time is not entirely consumed by a single phone call, which can sometimes last for over an hour.

On the same note, productivity is also boosted because of its Salesforce capabilities. Since agents can now make and receive calls within Salesforce, they can view customer history, intent and other relevant data through interactive pop-ups. This should save everyone time, because agents will not need to ask as many tedious questions in order to get to the root of a problem. They will be well-prepared before and during a call, allowing them to fully meet customer needs.

The final feature of Cloud Contact Center that makes it a powerful productivity weapon is the browser-based analytics that are used for segmenting, profiling and visualizing all automated call distribution, voice response, CRM and other customer interaction data. This information can be easily imported to create interactive charts, which can then be used to provide insight into customer interactions and agent performance.

With the Cloud Contact Center, businesses will hopefully be able to get more out of each interaction, no matter how the exchange takes place. Obtaining these insights, according to Dean Manzoori, Vice President of Product Management for UCaaS, Masergy, is the goal of every contact center: “Enterprises aren’t looking for just an automatic call distribution engine for their contact center operations…They want to leverage streams of data from all business applications to predictively route customer interactions to the most appropriate resource. And, they want to be able to turn the streams of data into meaningful business insights.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi