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Salesforce Makes Acquisition to Improve User Experience

February 06, 2017

Salesforce, a leading provider of customer relationship management software solutions, announced another step taken to improve itself last week with the acquisition of Sequence. Sequence is a leading user experience design lab based in San Francisco, aimed mainly at making software solutions more intuitive, visually pleasing, and easy to use. Its resume is already impressive, with its work being relied upon by brands like Apple, Google, and Best Buy.

This acquisition is the latest development in a series of steps that Salesforce has taken to improve its design and user experience. Last month, it acquired Unity and Variety, another design company founded by the duo that designed Facebook Messenger. Other large tech brands are following the same playbook; IBM notably acquired three different design companies in the span of a week in 2016.

All of this focus on design can be traced back to focus on the customers, the end point user of these software solutions. This will continue to be the main focus for Sequence in its new role, according to CEO JoJo Roy. The goal for Salesforce will be to leverage sequence to “helping companies use the power of design to better connect with their customers in entirely new ways.”

Salesforce itself had already had a division working on user experience as a part of the suite of services that users could purchase. However, it definitely seemed like more of an afterthought— an “add-on” that was just a bonus alongside SalesForce’s other features. It thus lagged behind the work of many top user experience design firms.

It is clear that Salesforce has realized the importance of user experience and has thus made it a much higher priority by bringing in an outside expert in the field. In today’s world, with so many different options available surrounding software solutions, oftentimes customers are going to be drawn to the offering that is easiest to use. User experience design is thus incredibly important, and something that all developers should focus on. 

Edited by Alicia Young