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Trupanion Puts Priority on Customer Experience

February 02, 2017

Long has dog been man’s best friend. Whether your car dies, your girlfriend runs out on you or you lose your job, your pup is always your biggest fan. Pets are part of the family, and while maybe George Constanza could put a price on saving a “pet,” most can’t. This is where pet insurance comes into play. It is in the business of protecting your pet, but due to the fact that Dr. Dolittle is a fictional character, all conversations take place between people. For this reason, contact center solutions delivering exceptional, personalized and empathetic customer service in these heart-tugging medical scenarios is of the utmost import.

Trupanion provides medical insurance for your pets nationwide, and in an effort to improve its contact center operations announced its selection of Aspect Via to instantly upgrade the customer omni-channel experience. Aspect Via is the first contact center solution release from Aspect’s Customer Engagement Center portfolio in the cloud, and is capable of personalizing interactions and creating a complete seamless, contextual omni-channel experience.

“From our inception, Trupanion has viewed exceptional customer experience as vital to our mission to help the pets we all love receive the best veterinary care. So, it’s essential that our contact center technology continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers,” noted Ian Moffat, Chief Operating Officer at Trupanion.

In implementing Aspect Via, enterprises gain a cloud-based solution (delivered though AWS), which provides a complete armory to support customer service needs in today’s omni-channel environment. The feature-rich cloud platform offers inbound and outbound voice, Web chat, IVR/ITR/SMS self-service; built in CRM integrations; cloud optimized voice and chat recording, performance management in addition to WFM; proactive voice and SMS outreach; and browser-based, persona driven experiences for contact center staff.

Jim Freeze, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Aspect Software explained, “Organizations like Trupanion strive to keep pace with the growing demands and preferences of their customers. To do this they need a true customer engagement center that brings the entire consumer experience into full and actionable view with customer journey reporting and analytics. Aspect Via readies the enterprise by ensuring seamless, context-driven omni-channel interactions for customers and agents alike, all delivered through the cloud.”

The 2016 Aspect Consumer Experience Index indicates that customer’s desire more personalized experiences – to the tune of 83 percent of respondents. The future of contact center solutions is without question in the cloud, and context is key. Delivering customer satisfaction is no longer answering a call; the omni-channel is the only channel.

Life...and accidents happen, so it’s nice to know that if “Spot” has a problem Trupanion’s customer service is powered by a cutting edge contact center solution.

What’s in your contact center?

Edited by Stefania Viscusi