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LinkLive 8.0: New Capability for Contact Centers

January 25, 2017

Contact centers are increasingly seen as that great and vital connection between businesses and customers; a way to help ensure that customers return to do more business later on. That new value is prompting new investment, and recently, Revation Systems stepped up to take its shot at the brass ring of market share with a new version of its LinkLive system.

The new version, LinkLive 8.0, features the LinkLive Connection Intelligence (LLCI) system, a tool that takes session orientation systems and couples these with secure vector routing to produce a session failover system that works in real time. That alone is a major new advance, but the updates don't stop there.

Further included is a set of mobile health templates for those who deal with both healthcare cases and financial services, allowing for secure access to useful data while working remotely. A virtual engagement portal delivers greater customer engagement by allowing for provider scheduling and different forms of contact, including video chat options, into one interface. An agent dashboard provides new options for call center agents, as the information contained therein is refreshed roughly two to four times a minute, and there are even recording options that meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, reports note. It's even boasting compliance with HIPAA HITRUST standards, a first of its kind development in the field.

Perry Price, Revation's co-founder and CEO, commented, “Organizations using LinkLive 8.0 can dramatically decrease capital costs while ensuring their customers a level of security that is unmatched in the marketplace today. Our LinkLive 8.0 solution is SOC2 Type 2 and HIPAA HITRUST compliant for both our data centers and internal controls and development, which means that private/confidential consumer data is protected both in transit, at rest and increased safeguards for admin access with the most advanced audit trail in the marketplace.”

Essentially, LinkLive 8.0 is a complete, all-in-one contact center solution for a variety of industries, and while some might see that as a great strength, others might see it as a potential weakness. Revation might have to do a little extra marketing to show that this contact center solution isn't just a jack of all trades, but just as much a master of these trades as well.  It's likely to be a concern, but if Revation can pull it off, it should manage to get LinkLive 8.0 into a variety of use cases and make this a real winner.

Revation's LinkLive could be a powerhouse in the field if it can get enough users—and some sound testimonials—behind it to prove value. It's already done much of the heavy lifting, and now need only make the appropriate connection with the user base to go ahead properly.

Edited by Alicia Young