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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: DialogTech, TELUS, SnapCap

January 21, 2017

Contact centers solutions are an increasingly important piece of the puzzle when it comes to success for today’s businesses. Over at the Contact Center Solutions Community we cover all the latest in call center and workforce optimization solutions news. The Week in Review offers a chance to quickly go over the top headlines from the week. Sit back and enjoy.

This week, SnapCap, a small business lender that makes it easier for businesses to acquire funds, announced it chose DialogTech to provide a contact center solution to improve its ability to answer calls and deliver quality experiences for its customers.

The company’s call attribution platform makes it possible for SnapCap to track marketing sources and what drove each call. This data makes it easier to allocate budget and further improve digital marketing.

Also this week, Enghouse Interactive, a developer of a comprehensive portfolio of contact center software and services, announced the availability of a case study together with TELUS which offers insights into how businesses can service customers better utilizing the cloud.

“With tight budgets and internal IT resources stretched thin, midmarket customers stand to gain a great deal from leveraging contact center as-a-service. Integrating next generation contact center technology into existing legacy infrastructure is counter-intuitive for these companies, in terms of cost-benefit analysis and systematic growth,” said Chad Wormington, TELUS' strategic director of contact center technology and services.

“Recognizing this reality, it became clear that CCSP was the optimal choice for both TELUS and its end customers.”

Finally, if you’re interested in hearing the latest trends and topics related to outsourcing contact center solutions and what updates are needed to ensure optimal customer care is always being delivered, you’ll want to check out these two special features from the week:

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back for the all latest in Contact Center Solutions news as it happens. Until next week…