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ITEXPO Panelist Five9 Lands Zendesk Deal

December 14, 2016

Communications tools have come a long way over the years, and telephony is one of the newest options for providing that oh-so-necessary contact for businesses. Recently, Five9—who's planning to be on hand at the upcoming ITEXPO event—landed a new arrangement with Zendesk to be a Premier Telephony Partner, which should produce some excellent results not just for the companies, but for the end users as well.

With the new arrangement in place, reports note, Five9 will be bringing in its cloud contact center solution in to use on Zendesk's customer service platform, a development that will better allow companies to stage personal interactions between customers and businesses. That's a move that, in turn, should yield a better customer experience and substantial bottom-line improvements.

Reports indicate that Zendesk turned to Five9 on this front thanks to the sheer number of successful customers that Five9 was already able to point to—it's no secret that “Five Nines” is considered the gold standard of uptime in most network systems, or 99.999 percent availability—with over three billion customer interactions taking place annually. Further, since Five9's tools already work well with Zendesk Support, and also deliver an excellent customer experience, that made Five9 a shoo-in. With Five9's Kevin Gavin also set to arrive at the ITEXPO event in Fort Lauderdale from February 8 – 10 at a panel called “Customer Service, Evolved,” that should offer some further insight into its operations and the connection to the overall market.

Zendesk, meanwhile, could scarcely take chances on its new additions; after all, over 87,000 customers in over 150 countries currently turn to Zendesk products, so it had a lot riding on such a decision. Pick the wrong company, and suddenly a great many users lose a major part of everyday operations. That's not the kind of thing that can be waved away with an apology, so Zendesk had to consider its partnership closely.

The end result gives both companies a lot of extra value here. Not only can Zendesk go back to the well of current customers with a new offering that should be well received—it's hard to pass up a communications system that can be built into a tool that helps improve customer relations—but also exposes Five9 to a new range of customers it may not have had access to previously without some difficult and potentially fruitless sales efforts. Partnerships like these tend to work out well for all concerned thanks to the new market value, and customers certainly can't complain about the access to new features.

This new combination should end up pretty well and gives both sides of the equation plenty to work with. New value, new customers, and new features add up to a great day in the end.

Edited by Alicia Young