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Anywhere365 Now Available on AudioCodes' CloudBond 365

December 07, 2016

Accessing Skype for Business’ full range of capabilities just became a whole lot easier thanks to a new partnership between Anywhere365 and AudioCodes. Anywhere 365, a native Skype for Business based Contact Center and Dialogue Management platform, is now available on AudioCodes’ CloudBond 365 appliance.

The partnership is set to benefit any organization looking to keep their investments and hardware footprints to a minimum, while not sacrificing on services. Said organizations will still be able to access Skype for Business with all of its advanced features, along with support desk and full contact center capabilities.

This is a smart move by AudioCodes because Anywhere365 is a trusted brand. It is already used by over 380 customers in more than 30 countries, and enables these customers to deliver mission critical dialogue management capabilities across a wide variety of market sectors. With so many people already relying on Anywhere365, AudioCodes is sure to benefit from this partnership.

In fact, Anywhere365 has a very productive history. It is constantly replacing expensive, inflexible and fragmented legacy contact centers and was even recently certified by Microsoft for Skype for Business. Its success can be largely attributed to the speed in which the platform can be deployed and the small learning curve that enables users to get back on track quickly. Technology is a great asset, but a huge pain when it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. Thanks to Anywhere365’s easy deployment and setup, users don’t have to worry about technological problems when accessing Skype for Business.

Clearly, both companies are going to benefit greatly from the partnership. Matt van Domselaar, COO of Workstreampeople, expressed his excitement by saying, “Anywhere365 and CloudBond 365 are a match made in UC heaven. Organizations that have adopted the combined solution have seen a drastic reduction in costs and an increase in operational effectiveness that provide a solid return on investment. The partnership with AudioCodes is a clear example of the great synergy that best of breed solutions can offer.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi