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Royal Caribbean Selects Citrix Mobile Contact Center Workspaces Worldwide

September 23, 2015

There is an old saying that goes something along the lines of “wherever I am is where you will find me.”  It happens to be particularly relevant in an era where providing a compelling customer experience is a significant and growing means for providing differentiated value, and where connecting with the best resource to resolve customer issues is paramount.  And, in a world where distributed workforces, particularly contact center agents and support people can be literally physically anywhere and need full access to all of the tools that can create those compelling experiences, providing those agents with great workspaces that can be easily turned up has become mission critical.

Realties are that in the hotly competitive hospitality and travel industries connecting customers to agents who have the skills and discretionary authority to answer their questions is driving contact center transformations.  A nice example of this is the announcement by Citrix that Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Ltd. (RCCL); it has deployed a comprehensive Citrix mobile workspace solution so that its contact center agents worldwide have everything they need to delight customers. 

Royal Caribbean’s customer interaction transformation

Citrix is using a combination of its NetScaler, CloudBridge and XenDesktop solutions to help Royal Caribbean transform how it interacts with customers. The Citrix combined solutions have enabled Royal Caribbean to consolidate a wide range of infrastructure into two datacenters while simultaneously providing its customer care agents a workspace and tools that give them access to everything they need to be effective.

This is a classic use case in how contact centers are transforming.  Royal Caribbean is a global company with contact centers in the U.S. and abroad. Prior to this latest deployment the company’s IT organization previously depended on large autonomous datacenters at each of its physical locations. As noted in the announcement, “This approach was costly and difficult to managing and lacked the agility to deliver a consistent, quality workspace environment to its agents.”

The solution using the Citrix solutions is as follows:

  • To ensure the secure and efficient delivery of the mobile workspace, the Royal Caribbean IT organization deployed NetScaler to provide global load-balancing, network optimization and troubleshooting capabilities. This was the foundation for the data center consolidation.
  • CloudBridge was used to accelerate application and desktop delivery for XenDesktop.  

The combined solution has allowed RCCL to lower the cost of its existing data center operations while also providing the ability to rapidly provision new contact centers.

In comments about the transformation, Jeanine Graham-Bellamy, Director of Infrastructure, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Ltd. said, “Our call centers provide one of the most important sources of revenue for the company. It is critical to provide our agents with all the information and resources our guests need, so they can answer questions and connect our customers with services efficiently and seamlessly. Our Citrix solution combines the strengths of NetScaler, CloudBridge and XenDesktop to deliver a fast, responsive workspace to our call center agents, helping us provide great customer service.”

Great customer experiences involve the right combination of people, information and processes. The ability to ensure that the right people have the best information and access to all of the tools they need is a major driver of why contact center capabilities are moving to the cloud, and why IT departments and the organizations they work for have peace of mind that their frontline customer care employees have everything they need regardless of their location.

Edited by Maurice Nagle