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Hosted and Cloud Contact Centers Becoming Increasingly Popular in Australia

July 21, 2015

The hosted and cloud-based contact center markets are becoming big business in Australia, with Frost & Sullivan reporting the overall market reached more than $191 million in 2014. Hosted contact centers are projected to grow at a roughly seven percent CAGR through 2021, while cloud contact center solutions will soar at more than 35 percent CAGR during that timeframe.

The new Australian Contact Centre Market 2015 report from Frost & Sullivan shows that hosted contact centers are acting as more of a bridge between traditional on-premises and cloud-based solutions.  But there is no mistake that the cloud contact center market is exploding, even despite concerns about security, privacy and consistent network connectivity.

According to the report, high speed Internet and improved bandwidth are slated to be the major drivers when it comes to cloud contact centers in Australia. It also notes that most hosted contact center solution providers in the country offer end-to-end solutions, making them an attractive option for organizations looking to make a slow transition to the cloud.

"Although concerns around security and privacy presently hamper mainstream adoption of cloud contact center solutions in Australia, once these challenges are mitigated, the market will witness a strong uptake of cloud contact center solutions," said Sandeep Karuppuswamy, industry analyst, Australia & New Zealand ICT Practice, Frost & Sullivan.

He added that WebRTC is also becoming more popular, driven by the massive uptake in mobility as well as customer demand for a variety of contact center channels, including voice, email, chat and social media. The self-service capabilities enabled through mobile contact center apps have also helped reduce agent voice time while also supporting mobility and portability among workers.

The report singles out Telstra as the main player in the hosted contact center market in Australia, with more than 65 percent market share. Interactive Intelligence is also a major player, largely due to the popularity of its CaaS offering.

"As increased awareness grows demand for cloud contact center solutions, on-premise applications vendors will look to partner with cloud service providers,” said Audrey William, head of ICT Research, Frost & Sullivan Australia & New Zealand. “By 2020 the market share of cloud contact center solutions will increase significantly."

Edited by Peter Bernstein