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Sennheiser Integrates Call-Control Functionality With the new Cisco Jabber Version 11.0

July 06, 2015

The beauty of how humans communicate is its simplicity. If you remove the language barrier, any two or more people can connect and come to a consensus, or agree to disagree. Translating this simplicity across distances is still a work in progress, but many of the information and communications technologies in today’s marketplace are expediting the process with an objective of making real-time enterprise communications frictionless regardless of device used.

In short, these technologies are making it possible for individuals within organizations to come together via multimedia, or their preferred media no matter where they are and what device they’re using. Sennheiser, manufacturer of premium headset and speakerphone solutions, is advancing this concept of making business communications easier by integrating call-control functionality with the new Cisco Jabber Version 11.0 on its latest headsets.

The company announced its portfolio of enterprise quality headsets will be offering the range of functionalities Cisco Jabber provides to its customers. The cooperation between Sennheiser and Cisco is expanding their partnership by providing users with a plug and play solution. Users will be able to access call control functions such as answer and end calls, volume control and mute managed from the Sennheiser headset or speakerphone.

Headquartered in Wedemark, Germany, Sennheiser has been providing world-class microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems since it was founded in 1945. The integration of Cisco Jabber gives the company a communication solution platform that brings together the tools needed to be effective in today’s highly competitive environment, and users a high-performance and multi-functional, easy-to-use unified communications (UC) solution.

Cisco Jabber makes presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing easily accessible by eliminating the complexities and compatibility issues of today’s disparate hardware and software ecosystem.

“The integration with Cisco Jabber provides a proven and hassle free deployment of Sennheiser headsets with Cisco Jabber. This combined with Sennheiser’s extensive portfolio of UC headsets and speakerphones provides a premium user experience for our mutual customers,” said Andreas Bach, President at Sennheiser Communications.

Cisco Jabber delivers:

  • Instant interaction with IM and presence by reducing delays with real-time presence information and instant messaging. Users can view the availability of their colleagues and initiate chats with individuals or groups.
  • Business class IP voice and video telephony.
  • Mobile collaboration anywhere on any device.
  • Communicate from Microsoft Office.

With UC becoming part of the preferred communication solutions of SMBs and enterprises, every piece of hardware and application must come together seamlessly. By making Cisco Jabber part of its solution, Sennheiser is giving business users both the quality they are looking for in real-time communications and easy access to the UC functions they increasingly rely on.

Edited by Peter Bernstein