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Golden Gate BPO Solutions Partners with NETCAST BPO Services

May 21, 2015

When it comes to business process outsourcing (BPO) while many parts of the world are gaining traction as places to locate facilities, India and the Philippines because of their large English-speaking talent pools remain the dominant BPO places to operate. This is particularly true for companies whose majority of customers require support in English. 

An indication that the Philippines remains a preferred BPO choice is reflected in the announcement that Golden Gate BPO Solutions (“Golden Gate BPO”), a global provider of customer management and business process outsourcing solutions, has added a multichannel contact center with a capacity of 1,400 workstations in Clark-Pampanga, Philippines, just outside Manila. This expansion of Golden Gate BPO’s operations in the Philippines comes via an operating partnership with NETCAST BPO Services.

In making the announcement, Golden Gate BPO said that the Clark-Pampanga location will provide outsourced and co-sourced customer service, technical support, sales and other business process outsourcing, including legal and medical transcription services. This is in line with the company’s full suite of BPO offerings from locations in the United States, Dominican Republic, The Philippines, and Belize which include: multilingual voice, email, Web chat, social media, back-office, online help desk and automated support.

Golden Gate BPO Managing Partner, Stephen Ferber, stated “The Philippines has always been an extremely important location for us and, as a global provider, it is imperative we maintain our focus on growth in the region as long as we can continue to accomplish for our clients: (1) delivery of a high level of quality through customization and adaptation of our client’s culture, (2) increased speed to market, implementation and launch fueled by an entrepreneurial management team and culture, (3) achievement of operating efficiencies through a balance of commitment to best practices along with a customization of those practices to maximize results and (4) competitively priced solutions that yield a lower cost of outsourcing to our clients.”

Warren Golden, President of NETCAST BPO Services stated: “Golden Gate BPO Solutions will serve as a key strategic partner for us, helping us expand our brand and reach within the United States, supporting our high quality service delivery from the Philippines and complementing our geographical footprint with their presence in the United States and Latin America-Caribbean regions.”

It was also noted that as part of the joint venture, Fred Shadding, Senior Vice President at NETCAST BPO, will also partner Golden Gate BPO Solutions’ leadership team, as SVP and Managing Director. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino