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AMC Technology Contact Canvas Integrates Contact Center Apps to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

May 21, 2015

It is beginning to look like 2015 is the year the contact center solutions community has solidified how it wishes to talk about things. Two big buzz words and phrases are “omnichannel” capabilities to cover all potential interaction touch points, and “the customer journey” as a blanket term for the collection, analysis of and dissemination for agent use of every possible piece of information relating to customers. In short, this refers to putting the right and best information in the hands of frontline people so they can efficiently and effectively handle real-time customer interactions.

Obviously a key part of the customer journey puzzle involves leveraging the value of Customer Resource Management (CRM) information.  Indeed, CRM and contact center solutions need to go hand in glove. 

In recognition of the value-added of CRM integration with contact center capabilities, enterprise and contact center application integration software specialists AMC Technology has announced it has telephony enabled Microsoft CRM 2013 and 2015 through its Contact Canvas platform. The AMC platform allows customers to integrate business apps and communications across the enterprise, from contact center agents to knowledge workers and mobile staff.

“AMC was one of the first vendors to build integration to Microsoft CRM and has stayed committed to providing solutions that extend Microsoft CRM capabilities and provide contact center tools for organizations interested in optimizing agent efficiency,” said Aimee Stinson, Director of Strategic Alliances at AMC Technology.

“We are thrilled to provide telephony integration to Microsoft’s latest versions of CRM and feel customers will be very pleased with the level of integration and flexibility within Contact Canvas Agent. Contact Canvas Agent is a great alternative to other solutions that require a desktop installation as it reduces maintenance effort,” continued Stinson.

AMC has expertise in this area as a Microsoft gold partner. The good news for customers is that Contact Canvas, Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers will now be able to integrate Avaya, Cisco and Aspect communication platforms.

Improving the customer experience really is about having knowledgeable people interacting with customers with the best information available in real time about all aspects of their journey. It is precisely why the integration of not just telephony but all of those omnichannel interactions with CRM applications is become so important to contact center operations. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino