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Thomas Cook Moves Workforce Management to the Cloud with NICE WFM Solution

April 27, 2015

Leisure travel group operator Thomas Cook has completed a significant migration to the cloud. The company has moved its on-premise NICE Workforce Management (WFM) solution to the cloud in the hopes of becoming more competitive and responsive to customers while also reducing ownership costs.

The company has been using the offering on premises for nine years, so the cloud migration was a logical progression for the U.K-based business. Thomas Cook is hoping the cloud model will enable flexibility and efficiencies, allowing the company to schedule agents more effectively throughout all of its retails stores and contact centers.

"Following many years of success with NICE's Workforce Management solution, we decided to move our operations to the cloud in order to accommodate our growing business needs, which includes a multi-channel service operation,” said Martin West, head of central operations support for Thomas Cook UK & Ireland. “This has also given us the opportunity to centralize our customer-facing operations, which will help us achieve greater operational efficiency, better service, and reduced costs."

With the NICE WFM solution moved to the cloud, Thomas Cook can now route calls to retail staff to better support its contact centers. By centrally managing the offering via the cloud, calls may be better matched to staff with the appropriate skills and knowledge based on individual customer queries.

Additional benefits of the cloud migration include real-time insight and visibility into service queues for better customer service management as well as staff management in terms of adherence to shifts and meeting customer service goals. Employees can also use scheduling tools to modify their own schedules, trade shifts and better communicate with other staff members and supervisors.

"With this cloud deployment, the company has a clear, organization-wide view into the forecasting and scheduling of staff, while at the same time retail personnel have ownership over their schedules,” said Benny Einhorn, president, NICE EMEA. “We're proud of our partnership with Thomas Cook which provides an excellent example of how a company can deliver outstanding customer service through employee engagement."

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino