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Carrier iQ Showcases Capabilities at 2015 Mobile World Congress

March 03, 2015

Smart mobile devices are providing operators with valuable data that can be used to deliver better services and improve existing solutions. Analyzing the customer experience by sifting through the complex interactions between network services, application behaviors and device qualities can reveal ways to improve the problems customers have. This requires understanding how these devices are being used day-to-day by mobile subscribers. Carrier iQ, provider of device-sourced mobile intelligence, announced three solutions for iQ Care and an executive customer experience management (CEM) solution to measure the actual mobile user experience at the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The iQ Care platform uses advanced data science to improve customer experience and lower support costs by analyzing device sourced metrics. Using different technologies such as machine-learning, predictive analytics, rules engine and data mining it is able to diagnose and detect problems to provide actionable recommendations. It has three modules: iQ Care, iQ Care Proactive and iQ Care Mobile to deliver a comprehensive solution by intelligently analyzing each touch point.

Version 9.0 of iQ Care has been upgraded with three new functionalities:

  • iQ Care -  now delivers new analytics solutions for call center to improve customer satisfaction by lowering handling times on support calls, confirming problems experienced by customers, and reducing escalation and no-fault-found returns.
  • iQ Care – Mobile has been improved with advanced diagnostics and alerting directly to consumers on their mobile devices. Actionable recommendations can be delivered to customers so they can support themselves with specific issues as it relates to them—instant and personalized resolutions to technical problems helps operators save cost on support calls.
  • iQ Care – Proactive, as its name implies, is designed to resolve problems before they get worse. It is able to diagnose problems customers are having by examining the performance of every mobile device. It then detects and fixes the problems before it affects the customer and they have to call the support center.

In addition to these new improvements, the company will be demonstrating its Mobile User Experience Score (MUES) in Barcelona. This platform can deliver accurate data points on how consumers use their mobile devices in the field over time, across locations, and networks. With MUES, operators and manufacturers can improve the user experience of their mobile customers by quantifying their voice, data, coverage, battery experiences and other issues.

As customer saturation points for mobile providers reach 100 percent, great customer service will play an important role in the decision-making process for consumers. This requires operators to implement solutions designed to deliver valuable information on what the customer wants and needs. Carrier iQ not only makes this possible, but it also ensures long-term customer retention by proactively resolving the problems before they even have to call for support.

Edited by Maurice Nagle