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Plantronics' DA80 Makes Customer Service Centers Smarter

February 25, 2015

The moniker smart is now attached to phones, TVs, homes and even cars. As the size of computer processors get even smaller, more products will be embedded with the technology to make them smarter to deliver improved efficiency and productivity for many different industries. For contact centers, the goal is to always improve customer service, and then new Plantronics next-generation USB audio processor not only increases the effectiveness of service center operations, but it makes customer interactions smarter.

The DA80 is the first in the new DA Series of audio processors by the company for customer service centers. It is designed to provide superior audio optimization technology to deliver the best possible experience for both parties participating in the conversation.

According to Plantronics, 89 percent of customers leave for a competitor after one bad customer service experience, and that bad experience can be poor audio technology. Therefore, contact centers must ensure every technology they deploy delivers the best possible solution.

In addition to its advanced audio optimization technology, the DA80 provides contextual intelligence. By leveraging information from customer service representative activities, it gives managers insights to improve the center’s operations. This includes informing applications of events that are taking place, and take actions to simplify workflows.

Managers can integrate the device with Plantronics Manager Pro software to their system and configure, update and track the device with its serial number. With these application in place, it can detect when a headset is disconnected to automatically activate screen locking for security compliance.

“The DA80 is far more than a simple step forward in performance and usability for a USB connection device. It helps our customers provide smarter customer service and impact business outcomes,” said Bill Loewenthal, vice president, enterprise solutions, Plantronics. “By building the Plantronics DA80 into their softphone strategy, our customers will be on a platform that will provide unprecedented insight into CSR and customer interactions, leading to real business results.”

Intuitive call controls

Along with a one-touch call, mute and volume control, additional features of the DA80 include:

  • Quick Disconnect (QD) feature provides walkaway convenience and compatibility with all Plantronics QD-equipped headsets;
  • Superior noise and echo cancelation;
  • Acoustic exposure algorithms helps meet OSHA and Noise at Work regulations;
  • Free, open APIs to add intelligence or inform work flows and business processes by building a contextual bridge across customer care ecosystem; and
  • Downloadable firmware updates and unique serial numbers creating consistent management of devices across your center.

Contact center operations is not an exact science, but by providing customers with quality across each touch point, it gives operators a greater chance to retain them for the long run. The Plantronics DA80 is just one component of the many different parts that make up today’s complex contact center operations. If the missing piece is poor audio quality, using it will eliminate one of the obstacles to having a more efficient center.

The new DA80 high-performance USB digital audio processors will be available in March.

Edited by Maurice Nagle