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Sitecore Teams with Microsoft on New Storefront Solution

January 14, 2015

Sitecore, a company leading the pack in customer experience management announced earlier this week that it was rolling out the Sitecore Commerce 8. This particular solution is powered by Microsoft Dynamics and that allows a powerful combination of the two that gives it the capabilities of the Sitecore Experience Platform with the power of Microsoft Dynamics for Retail. This means that customers who use the new solution are going to be able to bridge the gap between in-store and online digital experiences.

The collaboration is the end game of an announcement that came more than a year ago. After that year of work the companies have finally come out and said they are done with the release of the Sitecore Commerce 8. It appears that this particular solution truly is a piece of team work that has seen the two firms co-design the architecture for the program.

"We've been pleased with Sitecore's rich experience management capability," said Robert White, chief information officer, Ashley Furniture in a recent statement. "We look forward to leveraging the integrated and sophisticated online and offline commerce features offered by this new solution to connect the dots between ecommerce and in-store transactions.”

Sitecore says that up until now, businesses didn’t have a unified way to connect their customer experience between brick and mortar and online. The solution has a number of different tools including the additional omni-channel capabilities as well as synchronization and publishing. Most importantly, companies that offer both brick and mortar and online stores a new kind of storefront support. This solution allows for Sitecore to offer support for multiple storefronts that are in different countries and legal entities in the same exact deployment. A reference storefront is also set up by the solution in order to accelerate customer deployments.

Edited by Maurice Nagle