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BMW ConnectedDrive Store to Hit US in Spring 2015

December 30, 2014

In the latter half of December this year, BMW announced the upcoming launch of its ConnectedDrive Store for drivers in the U.S. The store allows its customers to purchase intelligent services and applications that can deliver practical information and entertainment directly to their automobiles.

One of the primary applications available in the store at its launch is called Concierge. This service can connect drivers to live BMW representatives who can help them find restaurants or lodging. More importantly, representatives can also complete phone calls on behalf of drivers, such as calls to emergency services, so drivers do not have to reach for their mobile phones. In addition, the launch of the service also includes access to update for navigation maps.

The global automobile company recently added to its mid-month announcement with more details about the service and how it will soon affect U.S.-based drivers. Users can book services as they need them, BMW says. Through the multimedia display built in to their vehicles, drivers can access the My ConnectedDrive portal, which will present a number of applications and information services available to them. One example of instant-access services is the real-time traffic information available in the portal. Drivers can download information about traffic during their commutes so they can learn about any traffic jams and instantly update their travel routes, if possible, to avoid such tie-ups.

BMW also indicates in its most recent announcement that the services it provides through ConnectedDrive will be available to customers within minutes after they purchase them. Not only will drivers have instant access to information-based services—like information about traffic hazards—apps that provide remote services such as vehicle unlocking through smartphones or social media services through integrated apps may also be available as quickly as motorists desire them.

The ConnectedDrive Store is already live in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany and is expected to reach the U.S. in the spring of 2015. BMW indicates that it will display its products at an electronics industry event in Las Vegas this coming January.

Edited by Maurice Nagle