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Ryder Partners with Language Select for Interpretation Services

December 30, 2014

One of the biggest challenges with operating a global business is maintaining a connection with customers through various languages. Even if a business begins its journey in the U.S., for instance, it may soon interact with customers in China, France, Germany, Russia, or any number of other countries whose citizens' primary languages are not English.

To ease this concern as it relates to the sales process, the Language Select interpretation service provides telephone-based interpretation for more than 200 languages. The latest company to partner with Language Select is Ryder System—a global seller of commercial vehicles to businesses the world over. With its commercial vehicles sales and leases, the company stated in a recent announcement, it connects with clients in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America, in addition to the U.S., and therefore must be ready to cater to a diverse client base.

Eugene Tangney, the vice president of asset management and vehicle sales for Ryder, commented on the partnership between his company and Language Select.

“Language should not be a barrier to ensuring we provide the best pre-owned vehicle solution to our diverse base of customers across the globe,” Tangney said. “With our free telephone translation service, our customers can be confident that we speak their language when it comes to finding a quality and affordable used commercial vehicles.”

Ryder claims that it is the first company of its kind—a reseller of commercial vehicles—to offer such a language interpretation service. During its normal business operators, Ryder customers can be connected to interpreters who will act as proxies for Ryder sales representatives. Interpreters will handle all customer concerns by translating necessary sales information back to Ryder personnel. Then, when Ryder representatives must deliver information back to their customers, the translator will make sure that information is also properly conveyed.

Language Select indicates that it demands a high quality of interpreting from its own employees. Through continuing education and stated ethical and professional standards, it claims that interpreting is its passion.

Edited by Maurice Nagle