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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Interactive Intelligence, Avaya and WebRTC

December 20, 2014

The Contact Center Solutions Community this week had a case of the pre-holiday need to spend a little time going shopping, literally and figuratively. However, the pre-holiday season by no means meant a lack of some seriously interesting news from the industry. 

Before diving into some of the items, I would like to call attention to two items that had to do with our community hosts Interactive Intelligence.  First, they continued their end of the year roll of industry recognition by being name one of the top 10 places to work in their home town of Indianapolis.  The other falls into the category of how time flies as the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary. 

Now to that list that on a few items really were about shopping around for the best solution or partner.  In fact, on the latter front items of note included:

  • Avaya turning to Spoken Communications to power its hybrid option for contact centers looking to move some or all of their capabilities to the cloud. 
  • As is becoming apparent, WebRTC, SIP and contact centers are perfect together and their marriage to enable omnichannel interactions will be a big news maker in 2015. 
  • The U.S. Health and Human Services agency that is in charge of overseeing the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) reached out to the online community in the form of popular sites Monster, and Higi to assist in getting people to take advantage of the open enrollment period. 
  • One of Europe’s largest global express, logistics and international parcel and mail services company U.K.-based TNT, went shopping for a solution that could deliver enable delivery of a better experience for its customers and selected going the cloud route using NewVoiceMedia.  
  • Texas-based Rush Truck Centers (RTC), the dealership arm of $3.4 billion conglomerate Rush Enterprises announced that not only is it expanding its footprint in Florida and Texas, but at the same time it will be adding to its contact centers as well.

In other industry news there were two items involving recognition of note. In the first, McKesson Specialty Health's Reimbursement, Access & Safety Services Solution Center earned its sixth consecutive Center of Excellence Certification. The second involved Hinduja Global Solutions winning silver at the 2014 Contact Center World Awards as 'Best Large Contact Center', for the excellence of its Preston, U.K. office.   

The final item is last not just because it involves our neighbors here in Connecticut, Frontier Communications, but because it highlights an important factor in the contact center industry that is starting to make more and more news. It is that you can’t provide great customer experiences to major portions of your served region if you don’t speak their language.  Indeed, having bi-lingual agents here in the U.S. has become critical given the growing size of the Spanish-speaking communities across the U.S., and having multi-lingual agents that can interact with important non-English speakers is even better. 

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