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Frontier Communications Adding to Bi-Lingual Customer Service

December 15, 2014

As has been noted in several postings in ContactCenterSolutions’s contact center solutions community, being able to offer multi-lingual, but importantly in the U.S. bi-lingual customer care with Spanish as the second language, has become critical in almost every vertical market. Indicative of this is the announcement from TMC’s home state, dominant service provider Frontier Communications has announced it will add 25 employees to its Connecticut contact center. The reason for the expansion is to provide support for Frontier residential products and services, handling calls primarily from Spanish-speaking customers across the country as well as calls in English.

Frontier disclosed that the 25 new jobs will be based at its East Region Headquarters at 310 Orange Street in New Haven. They are in addition to the 85 jobs at this center, which were previously announced. Frontier in making the announcement explained that as a result of Latinos now comprising 15 percent of Connecticut’s population the need for expansion of bilingual capabilities was apparent and is growing. After extensive training, the bi-lingual customer representatives will assist Frontier's Spanish-speaking customers with billing, service and product inquiries

In announcing the new positions, Paul Quick, Frontier's Senior Vice President and General Manager for Connecticut stated, "A culturally diverse workforce is critical to a great customer experience. Frontier takes pride in customizing service based on local needs. We are delighted to add more jobs in the state, and especially to fill those jobs with trained and fluent Spanish-speaking customer representatives. We are also happy to provide our Spanish-speaking customers with great Latino channels and packages like Disney XD en Español, ESPN Deportesas and the beIN SPORTS Network."

Given sensitivities to possibly moving contact centers off-shore, Quick noted, "These positions reaffirm our commitment to adding jobs in the state and the value of a 100 percent U.S.-based workforce."  Amplifying this was Becky Potts, Chief Customer Officer for Frontier, who commented that: "We want all customers to have a great experience, and this was an opportunity for improvement...We're especially pleased the 25 bi-lingual representatives will work in New Haven, live in Connecticut and have a deep understanding of the communities we serve."

Demographic trends in the U.S. all show that the percentage of the population that speaks Spanish, whether as their primary language or as secondary, is one of the most profound ones in looking at the composition of mass markets of all types.  Hence, being able to engage customers going forward is not just about being omnichannel in regards to the enabling technology, but also having experienced contact center agents who literally and figuratively speak the customers’ languages. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle