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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Interactive Intelligence, Google and Avaya

December 13, 2014

The Contact Center Solutions Community had a not rare but certainly exciting week on several fronts. It included community host Interactive Intelligence continuing a streak of industry recognition as a growth company, great place to work and a company whose DNA is giving back to the community.  It also included, a host of new capabilities including the emergence of WebRTC-enabled functionality as a key to increasing contact center productivity and enhancing customer engagements.

Let’s start with the recognition for our hosts. It actually dates back to last week when Interactive Intelligence moved up Software Magazine’s annual rankings of the Top 500 software and services suppliers where thanks to a good year Interactive broke into the top 200 for the first time.  It continued with company being honored with a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award as one of America’s outstanding places to work, and its philanthropic organization was given the Indiana Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals 2014 Philanthropy Award for Outstanding Corporation of the year.

In addition to recognition there was also a significant number of new capabilities, many based on the growing industry trend of vendor collaboration that was noteworthy.  This included:

  • A great illustration of how WebRTC is becoming an important part of contact center solutions toolkits as Google and Avaya joined forces with an initial offer Avaya Agent for Chrome.
  • Contact Solutions, IDology and Pindrop have teamed up for an integrated solution, Adaptive Fraud Protection, aimed at deterring fraudsters from targeting contact centers. Partnership Provides Contact Centers Enhanced Fraud Prevention Solution
  • Accenture announced a partnership with Backbase on solutions to help banks improve their customer engagement capabilities.
  • Netop’s upgraded it popular Live Chat Software just in time to enable contact center administrators to better handle holiday traffic in terms of internal and external interactions. ce
  • Callback solutions specialist company Virtual Hold Technology, expanded its service portfolio thanks to an investment in CALLPROMISE with the goal of giving SMBs more options for being responsive.
  • Demonstrating that the old standby call answering companies can be innovative as well, Edwards’s Answering Service introduced an interesting database management service.
  • 12/13/2014
  • Listen Up Espanol was selected as the bi-lingual contact center service provider for the Live Teleton USA Fundraiser scheduled for December 12-14 to raise money for children with disabilities.

The rest of the week’s news was an eclectic mix. Topics covered included competitive wins, industry reports, advice, an example of the fact that the U.S. continues to be a place of growth for contact centers, and an item on why being solely online needs to be tempered with physical presence to assure optimized customer experiences.

The last item is a good place to start a summary of some global items.  It concerns a Chinese online travel and leisure company, Tuniu Corporation, and highlights how getting the balance between physical and virtual is not easy but is essential for success. Also representing the truly global nature of the community when it comes to attracting and keeping talent was the item about the Philippines is seeing employee acquisition and retention becoming a highly competitive arena. And, definitely take a read of the item about how a recent study of another Chinese travel company, Ctrip, done by Stanford University demonstrated the value of working from home.

Closing out the week’s areas of interest was advice from Interactive Intelligence on what the mobile customer service experience should be. And, the attraction of the U.S. for contact center expansion remains strong, and like the Philippines obtaining and retaining agents is causing companies like IntelliHARTx to pay a nice wage as it expands its Kingsport, TN contact center operation , and that note about a Tennessee Call Center Offering Big Wages to Employees

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Edited by Peter Bernstein