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Listen Up Espanol Selected as Contact Center Service Provider for Live Teleton USA Fundraiser

December 12, 2014

Here in the U.S., there is a segment on the NBC Nightly News, the most popular network news broadcast, called “Making a Difference.”  It highlights how truly remarkable individuals and organizations really are making a difference in their communities, and many times for people in distant places as well.  One such organization that really makes a difference is Woodland Hills, Calif.-based Teleton USA who raises an amazing amount of money every year for children with disabilities. This is a big fund raising effort. The goal this year is to beat last year’s results and raise over $15.3 million dollars during the annual event on Dec. 12-14. 

However, it should be noted that this kind of activity is a real broad community affair involving not just partner organizations but also those who provide logistical support.  And, with efforts focused on contact center interactions, it is of note that Listen Up Español, a bilingual contact center, was selected to handle all live donation calls in English and Spanish for the 2014 Teleton USA live fundraising event.

“It’s an honor to continue our working relationship with the Teleton USA Foundation,” said Randall Anderson, Chief Operating Officer of Listen Up Español. “As a company that focuses on charitable endeavors, it’s always a pleasure to collaborate with such a wonderful organization that remains dedicated to helping children with disabilities. We look forward to driving impactful results that generate a high level of charitable giving for the Teleton USA event in promotion of positive change for those less fortunate.”

At 9pm ET on Friday, December 12, 2014 Teleton USA will kick-off its grand event on Univision and For 30 hours, more than 100 artists and television personalities will join the community to support children with disabilities in the U.S.

For those not familiar with its capabilities, Listen Up Español is a recognized leader in what is a specialty part of the contact center community, handling non-profit fundraising calls. As the company, headquartered in Portland, Maine and operating in Hermosillo, Mexico says, Listen Up Español , “Has experienced growth year after year, which is attributed to the pride and ownership that agents experience while supporting positive change and charitable giving.”

It is not just a unique but a rather sizable operation with over 800 agents who provides a broad range of services, including inbound and outbound sales, non-profit donation calls, customer service, dedicated and shared agent services and lead generation. It also provides campaign planning, scripting and advertising production services in both Spanish and English. And, as they like to tout, “With a focus on measurement, training and a sales psychology, Listen Up Español has the experience to turn customer interaction into revenue. “

At this time of year when charities of all types are reaching out for donations, having bilingual capabilities has become increasingly important. If you are someone interested in assisting children with disabilities, which on a personal note is a cause my family has been involved with for many years, you might wish to give Teleton USA a call, and see and hear for yourself how Listen Up Español helps others make a difference. 

Edited by Alisen Downey