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Tennessee Call Center Offering Big Wages to Employees

December 08, 2014

With the number of call centers coming back to the United States increasing on a daily basis, there are a number of different states taking advantage of this trend. In Kingsport, Tennessee a call center set up by IntelliHARTx is going to be paying wages that other call center employees can only dream about. The company recently said it expects to pay as much as $14 per hour to its call center employees.

"When you look at call center wages, typically they are thought of as low and many times they are," NETWORKS Sullivan Partnership CEO Clay Walker said after announcing the company's decision at Tuesday's Kingsport Economic Development Board meeting according to the Times News. "But these are some of the higher paying call center positions they have available. These are not minimum wage jobs. They are $14-an-hour jobs.”

The company, which is based in Findlay, Ohio says it will be looking to add as many as 100 people within the next year. The call center claims it is forecasting as many as 350 and 500 new jobs within four years of opening. Paying wages like this is one way in which some call center companies have decided to go to war against the ever-growing malaise that can affect contact center employees.

One recent study showed that workers in this industry are more likely to call in sick than in any other industry. That kind of statistic is one that certain call center employers are looking at as something that needs to be stamped out. Most companies also realize that simply not allowing people to call in isn’t an option. The centers still need to be able to staff their businesses with people who are at the top of the line and that means going in a route where they are paying more, instead of simply cracking down on those who are already unhappy.

Edited by Maurice Nagle