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Earthlink Unveils Hosted Contact Center Solution

November 25, 2014

With more and more call centers moving to the United States, finding ways for those call centers to stay ahead of the competition has become more important than ever. Call centers are also working twice as hard to find ways to make employees that much more productive so they can serve the company and its customers. Earthlink believes it has one such solution with the arrival of its new Hosted Contact Center.

This solution is geared towards making sure a company is never going to miss an interaction or sales opportunity while also allowing operators to have more intelligent customer conversations using email, live chat, phone or even social media. This solution is totally integrated with Earthlink’s Hosted Voice service meaning the total package is going to be bringing top of the line voice solutions along with a business tool outbound call centers badly need. Despite being based on the net, Earthlink says the Hosted Contact center will have 99.999% uptime and 4.0 voice quality Mean Opinion Scores.

This Hosted Contact center will help companies that are looking to win out in what is becoming a very crowded field by enabling chat, email and voice along with social media interactions to all come through one dashboard. The outbound call center management teams can also more easily monitor conversations going on between the operator and potential customers either while the call is going on or afterwards through call recordings.

The best news of all, especially when talking about smaller call centers that may not have an unending budget is that Earthlink operates this center solution in the cloud. That means the call center using this solution does not have to employ a rather expensive IT department in order to make sure everything is always up and running.

Edited by Maurice Nagle