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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Interactive Intelligence, Aspect Software and Nice Systems

November 22, 2014

What an unusual week in the Contact Center Solutions Community. I never thought I would use the word “war” in an article for the community, but interestingly in different context I ended up using it not once but twice.

The first instance is in regards to what is nothing short of what can be construed as a declaration of war in the intensely competitive Workforce Optimization (WFO) with the announcement by Aspect Software that is aggressively going after the installed bases of NICE Systems and Verint.  Hang onto your hats because this is going to be fascinating to watch unfold. 

The second item of note was the JITC certification of T-Metrics contact center on Microsoft Lync 2013 for placement on the APLITS (Approved Products List Integrated Tracking System).  This means U.S. military organizations can now use this solution in their war preparedness efforts.

In other non-conflict related news involving new capabilities, implementations and partnerships this week saw the following:

  • Ozonetel announced the integration of its CloudAgent platform with Zoho CRM. This is an example of solutions that break down silos to provide agents better visibility so whether for inbound or outbound reasons they can enhance the customer experience.
  • LiveVox announced its expansion into Canada with partner CenturyLink which will enable the company from a Toronto facility to provide secure connections and contact center functionality in the growing Canadian market.
  • An item that caught my attention was Unify’s revelations about the success of its “Connected Patients” initiative. In fact, don’t just read the article by click on some of the links to the uses cases to get a full appreciation of the role UC and contact centers are playing in the transformation of healthcare services.
  • TouchPoint upgraded its Acuity cloud contact center performance management (CCPM) software.
  • Again in Canada and in fact in Toronto, fixed and mobile service provider TELUS launched two cloud services for collaboration and contact centers.
  • The City of San Antonio, Texas made the news because of the positive results it has achieved with its KANA provided state-of-the-art 311 service which is leveraging the ability to better connect with mobile devices.  
  • Community host Interactive Intelligence added an Elite channel partner in the growing Middle East market with the addition of Business Solutions (NCBS), represented by Eng. Zaid Bin Abdullah Al Shabanat (CEO), to serve the Saudi Arabian market.   

In other news, there was recognition from Benchmark of Canon U.S.A.’s excellent customer service, along with the Qualfon acquisition of Center Partners being recognized as the Small-Market Deal of Year for 2014.

In addition, I provided my thoughts on customer dissatisfaction with how we are all treated regarding being placed in on-hold limbo. NICE Systems with it voice recognition security solution has joined the FIDO Alliance, which is helping shape the future of strong non-password based user authentication.  And, ContactCenterSolutions Contributing Writer Steve Anderson had a thoughtful posting on how proper training of contact center agents has become a top priority in the pharmaceutical industry.

Weekend Reading

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And, as a gentle reminder in case you were unable to participate, the archived version of the webinar, How Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud Eliminates Risk: A New Way of Evaluating Cloud TCO, and the webinar Creating Effortless Customer Engagement, are both available for downloading.

Finally, to our U.S. readers, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!