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Converged Technology Professionals Receives ShoreTel Customer Satisfaction Award

November 14, 2014

While it may seem obvious in the vendor community, especially as customers have more choices and have become more fickle, partners are important. They are important because they expand reach, and in many instances they are the ones that have customer intimacy, i.e., they are the way in which customers experience not just their brand but yours. 

It is thus significant, particularly in our age where enhancing the customer experience is now a top if not the top priority for creating and sustaining differentiated value in the market, that channel partners who provide great customer care are recognized for their accomplishments.

One such partner who seems to really get this right is business communication solutions provider Shortel partner Chicago-based Converged Technology Professionals. For the sixth year in a row the company, which serves the Midwestern region of the U.S., has received the award in Outstanding Achievement in Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty from ShoreTel.

Don Joos, President and CEO at ShoreTel, stated that “Your NPS score surpasses what is considered world-class level of customer loyalty. Your consistent performance in delivering an exceptional all-around customer experience is a tribute to your dedication to our joint customers. It is partners like you who ensure customers are not only satisfied, but are loyal to ShoreTel and our products and services.”

Chris Frey, Vice President of Operations at CT-Pros, said “I could not be more pleased that Converged continues to be recognized for achieving superb customer service. I can honestly say that every member of our team is driven by customer satisfaction and a desire to deliver quality solutions that have real value to our customers. Recently, a client told me that our support team, “Really knows their stuff, has a desire to help, and I can tell that they genuinely like their jobs.” That might just be the best compliment we have ever received. This award just goes to show that we are on the right track as a reseller of the ShoreTel solution.”

It should be noted that getting this award is not easy, which is why six consecutive years is quite an accomplishment.  As Shortel notes, The Customer Satisfaction Award includes Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. ShoreTel measures customer experience using the globally recognized Net Promoter Score (NPS®) to drive improvements in customer loyalty, ensure profitable growth and recognize its top performing partners.  

In fact, as an aside, I have always wondered about the NPS since what is really being scored is not promotion by the quality of engagement. Indeed, it is why recognition in this day and age of being fully engaged and appreciated is something to promote. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle