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Nobel Harmony v4 Adds Remote and Mobile Contact Center Management Functionalities

November 14, 2014

Unlike the contact centers of old where managers only had to deal with a couple of technologies, today they have a wide range of solutions they can use to offer a customer service that is almost intuitive in meeting the needs of the consumer. The Internet, big data analytics, cloud computing, social media and mobile are just some of the options available to businesses. Operators therefore have to deploy contact center management solutions that are able to exploit these technologies to improve operations and agent performance, while delivering superior customer care. Nobel Systems Corporation, provider of contact center solutions, has announced the release of the new Harmony v4, a Web-based management tool for contact centers, with added functionalities that lets managers work remotely.

Mobile technology, wireless broadband and cloud computing is allowing organizations to offer their employees the option of working remotely from virtually anywhere. While managers generally had to stay on location, the new Harmony v4 is making it possible for them to perform their job from anywhere using their mobile devices.

The new platform still provides tools for call recording, playback and real-time speech analytics with support for multiple browser and OSs, but now all of these options can be accessed on mobile and any web enabled device. Designed on a browser-agnostic mobile management platform, it eliminates issues of compatibility, and HTML5 format provides a flexible architecture that can be accessed on Windows, Android, Linux or iOS.

Managers can monitor contact center activities and carry out complex tasks, including organizing workgroups, configure outbound workflows, monitor agent activities and compliance, define alerts to be triggered on specific conditions, analyze results, audit changes, and more.

Some of the new features include:

  • Enhanced recording playback and QA allowing managers to view audio and video recordings.
  • Advanced speech analytics to monitor call audio and alerts while they are in progress using the company’s real-time speech analytics tools.
  • The use of HTML 5 design to increase compatibility and avoid additional software components.
  • Improved management tools with a mobile friendly control panel along with an upgraded supervisor interface for monitoring real-time activity.

“High-performance contact centers compete in a global marketplace that has moved beyond the traditional wires-and-workstations model. That’s why we’ve invested in delivering a solution that gives managers the power to get the job done anywhere, anytime,” said Jason Ouimette, vice president of product management Noble Systems Corporation.

Companies that provide BPO services are in an extremely competitive industry, with organizations based in many countries around the world, more notably India and the Philippines. Competing in this environment requires every available resource, and the new Harmony v4 is one more tool that will give contact center manager accessibility to their operations no matter where they are.

Edited by Maurice Nagle