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NewVoiceMedia Partners with idio to Transform Sales and Service Performance

November 14, 2014

One of the most interesting things going on in the customer experience sector is watching the development of ecosystems and partnership surrounding vendors trying to fill in all the gaps of having comprehensive solutions in an increasingly omni-channel world.  In fact, the devil as they say, really is in the details.  Matching up contact center capabilities with things like CRM, CEM, and automated marketing technologies has become fascinating to watch as the industry goes through a major structural transformation.  Indeed, the race to get better customer information/context to better personalize out-bound marketing offers, track and fine-tune such offers is creating new and important vendor relationships at an impressive pace.

An example of a combination that appears to make a lot of sense is the teaming of cloud contact center vendor NewVoiceMedia with the content intelligence platform of partner idio. The collaboration, revealed at the Festival of Marketing in London is all about leveraging an organizations' data-driven insights so that  sales, marketing and service professionals can offer highly personalized customer experiences designed to drive increased customer engagement and ultimately lead to increased loyalty and sales.  In short, manage the customer experience over the life cycle and lifetime of the engagement for optimal results.

As the partners pointed out in unveiling their joint efforts, big winners here are going to be sales reps. From a single platform that combines the NewVoiceMedia’s cloud-based contact center functionality, idio's personalized content marketing solution and, reps will have deep insight, dynamic contact routing and content recommendations they can customize for every prospect.

This is an important step for NewVoiceMedia. We all know about Salesforce’s market penetration, but it should also be of interest that in a rapidly growing market idio is utilized by 93 percent of B2B marketers. And, as highlighted in the introduction of the partnership, the solution addresses the roughly 42 percent of sales reps who in a recent survey said they do not have the right information before making a sales call.

The partnership will enhance NewVoiceMedia's true cloud contact center and omni-channel communications solutions whose historical data the company holds on customers and prospects in Salesforce, which enables sales people to instantly see and act upon insight gained from watching the complete customer journey.

Needless-to-say the partners are delighted to have joined forces.  Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia, comments, "We're delighted to announce our partnership with idio, which will turn real-time marketing insight into sales and service intelligence. In a crowded marketplace, being able to engage your leads intelligently through relevant, personalized conversations is the critical differentiator. With NewVoiceMedia and idio, customers benefit from the power of content intelligence with a scalable on-demand contact center within a true cloud environment, enabling them to move leads from click, to call, to conversion."

Edward Barrow, CEO of idio, said, "We are excited to be collaborating with NewVoiceMedia and helping shape the future of business communications. Marketers face huge challenges in capturing and maximizing real-time data across offline and online channels. This partnership turns idio's unique and predictive insight of customers and prospects into sales intelligence that can be used to improve contact center engagement and conversion."

So much of what gets written about contact center solutions is about handling the in-bound challenges, where omni-channel capabilities, context and enhanced customer profiling has become the order of the day.  As this partnership of NewVoiceMedia and idio highlights, the out-bound side needs just as much if not more of the same, after all B2B and B2C are both two-way streets. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle