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Verint Announces Details of KANA Enterprise Update

November 11, 2014

Verint, a producer of customer service software for businesses, recently announced the release of its KANA Enterprise platform that it says has been updated to enhance the methods enterprises use to engage with their customers.

Verint acquired KANA earlier this year. This update KANA Enterprise marks the first release of the product under Verint’s wings. What enterprises will see from the release includes enhanced ways in which employees can monitor and optimize their work environments, dynamic case management that seeks to display customer information in a more consolidated fashion, and peer-to-peer capability that can improve employee collaboration. Verint makes it clear that the new Enterprise product has been generally available to businesses for about a month; it is now displaying the benefits of the new product through an official news release.

What is also clear is Verint’s intention to bring the entirety of customer services under one roof, so to speak.

“These advancements mark a milestone in the combined enterprise workforce optimization and omnichannel customer service solutions roadmap, bringing even greater value to organizations and reinforcing Verint’s focus on offering a broader customer engagement optimization solution, all from a single provider,” Verint says in its announcement.

Largely, when it comes to customer service, businesses now focus on presenting multichannel experiences. They know customers want to reach their chosen brands through voice, video, text, email, and other modalities. It is on the shoulders of businesses to provide those channels, make them easy to use, and prepare their agents to work in various environments. That said, some employees may be better prepared to use one modality over another, and KANA Enterprise can recognize the potential of individual employees and route customer concerns accordingly.

Beyond that, dynamic case management provides business agents with information related to specific customers so agents can help resolve problems quickly and completely. Verint Workforce Optimization can also provide customers with self-service channels that allow them to educate themselves for problem resolution or to prepare themselves for interactions with agents.

Within business environments, employees can also now take advantage of the Activity Streams feature which can bring employees together through peer-to-peer channels. Employees can interact virtually to quickly resolve customer issues they cannot solve individually. Furthermore, improved dashboards within KANA Enterprise can give department heads tools to monitor and improve agent/customer interactions and improve the use of business resources.

Edited by Maurice Nagle