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jobs4america Records 16,080 Net New US Contact Center Jobs Created in Q3

October 21, 2014

jobs4america is a coalition of forward-looking business leaders committed to creating jobs in America.

Recently, the firm revealed that between July 1, 2014 and September 30, 2014, it recorded creation of 16,080 net new U.S. contact center jobs.

Company officials confirmed that they use data compiled by Dallas-based Site Selection Group to record U.S. job creation.

Site Selection Group is a premier location advisory and economic incentives firm specializing in call center site selection services.

For quarter three, jobs4America recorded creation of 1,120 jobs in the city of Morrow, GA for Chime Solutions.

Likewise it also helped create jobs for companies like Lowes, Interactions Corp, Zulily, GM Financial, Alliance Data, Alta Resources, Nationwide Insurance, Teletech and Liberty-Source

"The American Contact Center Industry continues to show strong growth," stated Matt Zemon, Chairman of jobs4america and CEO of America Support.  "We commend all companies that choose to expand their US presence including this quarter Lowes, Interactions Corp, Zulily, GM Financial, Alliance Data and Nationwide Insurance," Zemon continued.  "We also commend all the organizations that are choosing to outsource to BPOs with a strong US presence including Chime Solutions, Teletech and Liberty-Source."

jobs4america supports the value of U.S.-based workers to enhance both customer experiences and the U.S. economy.

Currently, the company aims to create another 100,000 new U.S. based contact center jobs by December 31, 2015. It welcomes like-minded companies, both big and small to join in its goal of creating jobs in the U.S.

Recently, ContactCenterSolutions reported that Matt Zemon, chairman of jobs4america, has announced the appointment of Jack Wilkie as president of the non-profit association dedicated to advancing the creation of contact center jobs in the United States.

Edited by Maurice Nagle