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Creative Virtual's V-Person: A Compelling Self-Service Product

October 07, 2014

Creative Virtual, well known for its self-service customer experience management solutions for enterprises, has developed a conversational platform V-Person that is currently being used by a software company. It has been designed to resolve activation issues and help businesses deliver intelligent, personalized customer experiences across all contact channels.

From contact centers to customers, V-Person has been designed to enable clients to focus on being creative with the content that drives the customer experience.

V-Person offers a multi-modal interface with speech-to-text natural language processing built in; this includes integration to a major cloud-based CRM system. It empowers end-users to talk, type and tap to get personalized answers. It is stated to be capable of checking customer information, issuing activation codes to users and validating license requests.

It is known to handle a majority of trouble tickets (if users have activation or other issues) very quickly, resulting in fast turnaround times and fast resolutions even for complicated issues. For the client it is an intelligent and a labor-saving solution, and for the end-user, something that decreases frustration.

“We see our clients using V-Person as a smart solution to quickly automate manual processes that would have taken months to program using traditional development tools,” Richard Simons, CEO of Creative Virtual USA said.

Creative Virtual’s V-Portal helps enterprises build brand loyalty and increase customer engagement across mobile, Web, and social media channels. It offers a combination of natural language and integration tools and also voice-of-the customer reporting. V-Person Web provides virtual assistants that provide an immediate level of support and answer customer questions 24/7.

Using the most advanced natural language and knowledge management technologies, V-Person Mobile and V-Person Social Media helps deliver personalized, self-service mobile experiences to customers, via the mobile and social media network respectively.

By using V-Person technology to automate processes, organizations can enable customers to help themselves instantly instead of waiting for interaction with a live resource, via phone call or chat. Delivering accuracy of over 90 percent, the V-Person platform is seen as the most compelling self-service product in the world today.

Edited by Maurice Nagle