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Fahrenheit Automobiles Selects Drishti-soft to Improve Customer Service

September 15, 2014

Mobile technology and social media have allowed consumers to interact with the companies they do business to voice any grievance or sing their praises. This interaction gives businesses valuable data they can use to improve operations across the board by simply analyzing what consumers are saying on the company's website, social media page, blog and other outlets. Fahrenheit Automobiles, a SKODA Auto 3-S dealership in India, has announced it is implementing the Ameyo customer experience management platform by Drishti-soft Solutions, provider of enterprise software and contact center solutions, to increase its customer experience capabilities.

The sale of automobiles in today's environment requires a comprehensive customer interaction platform where consumers get answers to any question they have regarding the purchase of a vehicle before they even come to the dealership. This includes a top-notch website and a contact center where agents have the best tools available to be responsive to customers across a variety of channels.

The Ameyo platform is providing Fahrenheit Automobiles the ability to deliver an intuitive customer relationship department with solutions that will improve the quality of customer calls and experience by minimizing missed calls and improving efficiency of contact center agents.

The Ameyo system provides complete customer interaction management by adding value to businesses, increasing efficiency levels, flexibility, reducing operational costs and a more reliable customer user experience with a demonstrable ROI. It is designed to simplify interactions by providing customer interaction management (CIM), real-time collaboration, contact center software, networking and related services for organizations of all sizes with patent pending development platforms and technologies.

 “After intensive research on multiple technologies, Ameyo proved to be the right solution for us in terms of cost effectiveness and functionality. With the help of Ameyo, we were able to bring down the number of unnoticed calls to zero. Within a short span of time, we were able to see tremendous improvement in call quality, exponential revenue growth and heightened agent productivity,” said Priya Remith, Call Center Manager, Fahrenheit Automobiles.

The Ameyo suite for contact centers for enterprises provides:

  • Remote system access
  • Converged network
  • Multi-channel support
  • Rapid application deployment
  • High availability
  • Fault tolerance
  • Reliability
  • Critical process duplication
  • Duplicated communication path
  • Fully redundant/secure solution

The next-generation information and communications management capabilities it delivers includes ACD, IP-PBX, CTI, IVR, predictive dialer, voice logger and unified presence. Communication-centric organizations will be able to use the SOA and MDA-based platform to easily create new capabilities as new demands for processes and workflow requirements increase.

Keeping customers satisfied by meeting or exceeding their expectations is the way to assure new sales and keep existing customers loyal which is why investment in enhanced customer experience technologies is something companies around the world regardless of industry sector are increasingly deploying.

Edited by Peter Bernstein