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Businesses are Appreciating Callcenterpros' New, Intuitive 'Third Party Verification' Services

September 11, 2014

CallCenterPros, a provider of turn-key outsourcing solutions for the call center market, recently announced that its newly launched “Third Party Verification” Services have garnered warm responses from U.S. businesses. This wide acceptance of the service is reflective of the growing significance of third party verification service in a fast-paced world, where customers often prefer to complete transactions over phone.

When it comes to selling products or making transactions over phone, the companies are legally bound to use a third party verification service.  Whenever a phone transaction takes place, the voice of the seller and buyer are recorded by a neutral service provider. This voice log is proof the two parties have consented on certain terms and conditions for doing business with each other. According to law, the transaction completes only when the conversation has been verified by the neutral third party.  The seller will be allowed to charge the customer’s credit or debit card for the agreed-upon amount only after the information has been successfully verified by a third party provider.

Instead of performing verification tasks in-house, more and more businesses are opting to outsource verification services to neutral, professional firms. With an impressive portfolio of unique verification services, CallCenterPros figures prominently in this space.

Cost effectiveness is no doubt one of the factors that contributed to the popularity of CallCenterPros’ verification service. You don’t have to shell out hefty fees to set up the service. Tiered pricing is available for different sizes of businesses. And no minimum monthly fee is required to avail the service.

CallCenterPros offers both Automated and Live-Operated verification services.

During live verification process, all calls are recorded and can be instantly played back on client’s request. The feedback on such aspects of service as time on the phone or time to answer enhances the credibility of the service.

Automated Third Party Verification Services are executed on a tested platform.

In both cases, the recording of the transactions can be available at a short notice via phone or Web.

The company makes it a point to thoroughly train their staff before assigning them to verification tasks. The operators are trained to deliver the client-specified words in a clear, professional voice. The training is aimed at improving the operators’ personal and professional manners throughout their interactions with the customers. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle