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Are You Optimizing the Customer Experience?

August 20, 2014

How do you measure the customer experience? Is it based on whether or not you end the interaction in a sale, the number of customer complaints you get or feedback that truly captures the voice of the customer? It is an ongoing challenge to measure the customer experience and examine whether your assessment is based on internal measures or information gleaned from the customer base.

Zappos has an incredible reputation when it comes to the customer experience. Aside from its wide selection and free shipping, the company continues to make headlines due to its dedication to customer care. In fact, one customer service agent spent more than eight hours on the phone with a customer to ensure a problem was resolved. While most of us wouldn’t want to spend that kind of time on the phone with the call center, it mattered to that particular customer and Zappos made it a priority.

Focusing in on just one interaction isn’t enough to set a new standard in the industry, however. Great customer care is a culture, a way of doing business. And, it has to be based on customer expectations. If the standard to quality customer care isn’t based on customer needs, the level of quality will be lower simply because inside staff doesn’t really know what the customer wants. When feedback is designed to actually capture the voice of the customer, however, a whole new level of experience is enabled.

This level is what many a company is relying on to capture a competitive advantage in their respective market. Consumers today are more educated and have at their disposal more options when it comes to making purchase decisions. If they don’t like the way they are treated at one place, they can simply move on to another. If the company on the losing end doesn’t understand why the customer didn’t stick around, the situation will repeat itself over and over, making it nearly impossible for that company to find solid and profitable footing.

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out how to navigate the customer experience on your end. Interactive Intelligence is offering a free webinar, What Does it Take to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience on Tuesday, August 26th at 11:30AM EDT. This event will focus on leading companies executing on best practices to capture the majority of the share in their respective markets.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi