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Syntellect Launches Survey Manager

September 02, 2008

Syntellect has launched Survey Manager, a new integrated survey module for Syntellect Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solution.

Tightly integrating with Syntellect CIM offering, Survey Manager gives customers the ability to provide valuable feedback about their customer service experience.
The product’s integration with Syntellect CIM also means that follow-up actions, based on survey answers, can be automatically assigned to agents or queues. This is advantageous for responding to a poor customer experience or taking advantage of a potential sales opportunity.
Moreover, these surveys can provide immediate feedback and either be offered as IVR surveys or delivered later via e-mail through the survey Web site. Individual survey campaigns can support voice, e-mail and Web chat interactions simultaneously.
“Our philosophy has been that customers should be able to access the contact center by any method they choose, whether voice, voicemail, e-mail, Web chat or Web forms. Survey Manager extends this flexibility by offering customers the chance to provide their feedback in the manner and time they choose,” said J.R. Sloan, vice president of marketing and product management for Syntellect.
“Survey Manager makes it easy for the contact center to understand what the customer is thinking and feeling,” added Sloan.
Syntellect, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, helps its customers create, maintain and continuously improve superior end-to-end service for their customers –a personalized service that values their preferences from the way they contact a business, to the level of help desired.
Multi-channel surveying of customer contact center experiences is critical to providing the highest level of client satisfaction, regardless of whether the center supports outside customers or internal employees. Syntellect’s Survey Manager is a flexible and powerful tool to learn what is on the mind of your customers.
“Our clients are relentless in their desire to improve the customer’s contact center experience,” said John Downing, managing director of Pulse Contact Solutions, a firm that provides solutions and consulting services to contact centers in South Africa.
“They understand the importance of maintaining customer satisfaction in order to retain their customer base. The real-time surveying that Syntellect’s Survey Manager provides to our Syntellect CIM-powered contact center clients helps identify less-than-ideal contact center experiences early on, so that they can take the appropriate action to improve service immediately,” explained Downing.
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