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Computer Instruments Unveils 2.0 of Screen Pop Premium

July 23, 2014

Software manufacturer Computer Instruments Inc, CI, unveiled its latest version, Release 2.0 of Screen Pop Premium (SPP), a productivity tool that will improve and enhance organization and save valuable time.

By bringing phone controls, contact management, file/document management and other functions in one place, Screen Pop Premium adds an extra layer of functionality. With “pass-through" CTI integration, it enables Desktop Screen Pops from various customer CRM solutions.

Screen Pop Premium users can generate clickable links to caller-associated documents, directories, emails & calendar events; capture open documents links as a historical trail for every inbound or outbound call; quickly summarize a paper trail for contacts; gain fast access to Outlook, Salesforce, Dynamics and other CRM solution contacts; capture last extension to handle the call for tracking and future auto-routing; have an easy screen pop of customer specific screens and commands; compliment Individual Salesperson or Call Center Team with easy access to support materials; transfer call and information links to support partner via buddy transfer with real time internal chat and screen pop on both inbound and/or outbound calls.

“Incorporating Screen Pop Premium (SPP) into the power users work flow will immediately enhance and improve their organization and better utilize their time,” Chris Herring, chief executive officer of CI said in a statement.

According to Herring, the savings are realized by a configuration setting and `pop' of frequently used information sources that capture previous work in progress such as documents, spreadsheets and web sites that apply to the power user’s contacts. Herring believes that this facility will enable the user to be more efficient and at the same time reduce error causing stress.

Screen Pop Premium leverages the existing CRM solution and helps manage customer data effectively, improve team collaboration and increase "One-Call" resolution.

David Baker, executive vice president of CI emphasized that SPP is capable of eliminating many wasted moments trying to recover the threads of past conversations.

Headquartered in Lenexa, KS, CI is recognized worldwide for innovative business applications and solutions, exceptional service and support. CI is focused on delivering solutions for mid to large enterprise clients that reduce costs, increase profitability and enhance overall customer satisfaction. It offers complete end to end solutions that can be purchased through the distributor or reseller network.