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VoiceSage Expands Customer Engagement with new Mobile Messaging Solution

May 27, 2014

VoiceSage recently unveiled its new visual mobile messaging solution, the VoiceSage ‘Touch’ to provide businesses with a more innovative way of engaging with customers.

The company says that with the launch of the ‘VoiceSage Touch’ solution, it now offers a more comprehensive ‘Talk, Text and Touch’ mobile messaging solution. And, under the marketing banner of ‘Bringing Mobile Conversations Alive’, ‘VoiceSage Touch’ complements the company’s existing interactive voice and text message solutions.

VoiceSage explains that the new visual mobile messaging solution “provides endless intuitive options” for customer engagement. It helps ‘Visual’ messages to be personalized and localized to each individual customer’s circumstances, as well as being embedded with rich media.

Paul Sweeney, Chief Product Officer at VoiceSage said: “Here at VoiceSage we’re all about enabling businesses to reach out to customers and guide them through a customer journey – moving them along each stage of the interaction, as seamlessly and in the most cost effective way as possible. Our mobile interaction platform enables businesses to do just that.”

The solution offers simple interaction options such as re-direction to a call center agent. Touch messages can also be used to conduct customer surveys, send marketing messages to drive customers to a website, a retail store or, for collections to a nearby payment location.

Sweeney added, “Businesses are already able to send text, voice and other communications to any customer’s device. But now our new visual mobile messaging has been added to present decisions in a ‘one touch’ format, which is ideal for today’s smart phones and tablet devices. The huge increase in ownership of internet–connected devices has made it inevitable that this would be the next step in mobile customer messaging.”

In related news, last month VoiceSage announced that it had invested above 100,000 in a new graphical interface for its technology platform and awarded the contract to Cork firm Granite Digital.

Edited by Peter Bernstein