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C3/CustomerContactChannels Plans to Expand Operations in Guatemala

May 13, 2014

C3/CustomerContactChannels, a global provider of customer management solutions, will be growing its operations in Guatemala. C3, which has been operating in Guatemala since 2012, will expand its current 300 seat operations in Guatemala City, Guatemala by opening a new customer contact center on June 1 and creating 500 new jobs.

C3 is opening the new center to meet the continuing demands for high quality English, Spanish and French language support. Officials with C3 said that the company would begin hiring for its new positions including customer service representatives, operations supervisors, managers, quality assurance representatives and trainers immediately.

“Finding the right location for service delivery from Latin America has always been challenging,” said Ken Epstein, executive vice president of global sales and marketing. Epstein said that the key to success is to identify the best workforce in a city that is not oversaturated. He noted that, “The clients we already service out of Guatemala have been thrilled with our success. That, combined with the overwhelming demand for service from Guatemala, has created the need to expand our footprint here.”

Miguel Ramos, executive vice president for corporate development C3 said that in Guatemala City, the workforce is reliable, very well-educated and many of them speak very good Spanish and English. Ramos explained that this is an emerging market for contact centers and there is a lot of headroom for growth here. The cost of labor is also attractive which makes the location very valuable for the company’s clients, he added.

Besides Guatemala, C3 operates contact centers in Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma in the United States; the Philippines; Sofia, Bulgaria; Glasgow, Scotland; Dalian, China, and Mumbai, India.

C3 provides a full range of state-of-the-art value-added customer contact management services for large and medium sized corporations in the healthcare and financial services, telecommunications, energy and utilities, media, hospitality and leisure, and government services industries, from both U.S. and international locations.

Edited by Peter Bernstein