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Vivint, Intradiem Give Agents a Break for the Better

January 28, 2014

When William Cowper said that “variety is the spice of life that gives it all its flavors,” he definitely was not thinking of contact centers, but the quote is apt enough to apply to them, for anything that breaks the agent monotony, is welcome. And this is what made Vivint, the home automation services company, deploy Intradiem to spice agents' lives a little  so that Vivint would benefit a great deal.

Vivint operates within a highly competitive marketplace and in order to succeed, it needed to arm its agents continually with the right information.

Intradiem, the provider of intraday management solutions, helped Vivint use its agents effectively by pushing training resources at them at just the right time, without causing a break in service. Considering that the company had 600 agents to develop and that its 800,000 customers in the United States and Canada  had frequent updates to products and services, it  was imperative that agent training be completed quickly and efficiently for a wide range of products and solutions, without customers having to suffer.

Using Intradiem technology, Vivint manged to deliver consistent, ongoing product-specific, soft skills and compliance training, develop communications skills, and call reviews to improve agent development. All this while maintaining the equilibrium of fluctuating call volumes.

That's not really as strange as it sounds for it's a well known fact that contact center agents will give anything for a ‘break,' as it adds variety to their workday, while improving their morale. Vivint intelligently exploited this to its advantage by implementing Intradiem to optimally utilize agent resources by booster doses of training that agents actually enjoyed.

 As a result of productivity increased by 2.2 percent and performance by 0.9 percent.

More specifically, 2,400 agent development sessions were delivered to 400 agents in five days,  average handle time decreased by five percent and agents could address customer issues in the initial part of the conversation itself.

“Today, the level of information we can deliver to agents is more in line with the complexity of our products, which translates to more efficient and higher-quality customer interactions overall,” said Tim Izatt, director of customer service.

Thanks to Intradiem, Vivint achieved the triple benefit of converting agent idle spend into active wait: the agents enjoyed the training and were motivated, the company optimized its resources and customers were happy – in fact all of them were. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker