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Sound Telecom COO Now to Manage Call Center Operations in Spokane, Washington

December 26, 2013

Sound Telecom, a major provider of 24-hour Telephone Answering Services, Contact Center Solutions and Cloud-based Phone Systems, recently announced that its COO, Mr. Brian Gabriel will relocate from Seattle to Spokane, Washington, to manage the company’s call center and IT operations.

“I am very excited about this opportunity,” says Brian. “I have been managing our operations from Seattle for years. We recently experienced a change in senior leadership in the call center. Rather than make a new hire, I asked to fill the gap and manage operations directly. I spoke with Mike about it and we both felt it would be the best move for Sound Telecom’s future growth.”

Since 2002, Brian has been working with Sound Telecom, a company whose prime objective is to provide excellent customer service. With the help of his team, Brian has been successful in offering higher, more responsive levels of support, which has helped the company to meet its obligations towards its customers.

At Sound Telecom, Brian has held various responsibilities. For years he has been involved in the sales and marketing for the business and has efficiently managed the company’s Solaxis-division of services.

Michael LaBaw, Sound Telecom’s founder and president, said: “When Brian presented the idea of relocation to me, I jumped at the opportunity to have all of our operations staff in one area, rather than separated by the Cascade Mountain range as it has been for the past five years. I believe this move will greatly enhance our ability to serve our customers and employees.”

With Brian’s decision to relocate, the company has decided to remove the Director of Operations position altogether. Now, the company’s supervisors will report directly to Brian and work with him face-to-face on a daily basis, which will help strengthen the leadership team and improve communications.

Company officials said that Mr. Brian Gabriel will continue to oversee Sound Telecom’s IT infrastructure.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker