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CounterPath's Bria - a Full-featured Telephony Experience

November 27, 2013

With the advent of IP-technology, the way companies are using call centers is changing, and there is increasing market demand for a carrier-grade next generation application that will enables users take control of their communications and tailor them to suit their specific needs. The Bria softphone client application from the developer of award winning solution- CounterPath- appears to be a perfect fit.

Bria claims to provide a superior communications experience, turning the computer into a full featured telephony experience with the added advantages of HD voice and video calling, messaging and presence features.

Companies using call centers are looking at lower upfront and maintenance costs, flexible deployment and administration capabilities, advanced security, and improved teleworker independence, and Bria clients when combined with CounterPath’s client configuration server, gives them all that and more.

IP-based call centers are also benefited by this combination as call center agents can be smoothly and quickly on boarded with a fully configured softphone on a new workstation. Bria's intuitive user interface, HD quality audio and ability to be remotely provisioned offers a superior calling experience to call center agents.

"In today's competitive landscape, the ability to provide innovative communications solutions that meet and exceed market demand is critical," said Todd Carothers, executive vice president products and marketing at CounterPath.

In addition, Bria is said to highly interoperable and can be integrated easily into existing applications. It is scalable, SIP compliant and based on open standards, and its user interface can be customized to suit individual needs.

Companies deploying Bria softphone clients reportedly get a cutting edge solution that saves money and also improves the way they support their customers. This seems to be borne out by claims made by  major contact center operators that have deployed the Bria softphone solution to increase call center efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

With call centers looking to leverage Bria softphone solution to elevate their offerings to their customers or their customers' end users, Carothers is looking ahead and planning to integrate technologies such as WebRTC and other platforms to further enhance the call center offering.

The global call center market is projected to reach $337.8 billion by 2018, and CounterPath Corporation appears to be on a roll as its Bria softphone is gaining ground as a popular solution of choice for a growing number of call center operators worldwide.

Edited by Ryan Sartor