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NewVoiceMedia Builds Full-Featured Contact Center from Scratch in 20 Minutes

November 26, 2013

How long does it take to build a call center? If you read the local news sections in popular call center hot-spots in the Midwest and Texas, you’ll find lead times of perhaps a year, or six months if it’s a refurbished building.  But the need for a contact center can arise quickly, so it’s not surprising that many companies would be looking to expedite the process.

So, how does 20 minutes and eight seconds sound? Ridiculous? Not if you’re cloud-based solutions provider NewVoiceMedia and you’ve just broken your own previous record of 28 minutes and 39 seconds. On November 20, the company set itself a challenge to break its old record and chose Twilio’s headquarters in San Francisco to officially launch a strategic agreement with the cloud communications leader. Workers set up a contact center from scratch, including a full telephony infrastructure with call flow, ACD, WebRTC delivery and intelligent routing capabilities. (There was no mention of a coffee pot, however, a rather necessary piece of equipment in the average contact center.)

While it’s mind-boggling, it shouldn’t be a surprise today. Today’s cloud-based telephony platforms and contact center solutions are delivered over private networks or the Internet, and they can essentially turn any computer into a fully functional contact center seat in a matter of minutes.

While few organizations would ever have a need to set up a contact center quite this quickly, for many companies, accomplishing the work in under a day would be invaluable. It might be because of a power outage or storm at another contact center facility. It might be because of a flu virus that has put a majority of a contact center’s workers under the weather. Perhaps a product recall has necessitated making thousands of outbound phone calls. It could even be for predictable reasons, such as a spike in holiday sales.

Whatever the reason, the ability to use cloud-based solutions to get a full-featured contact center up and running very quickly is an appealing one. Disaster recovery should be on the mind of every contact center operations managers, as few companies could afford a complete blackout in customer support (and the resulting damage to customer relationships that would drag the company down for months, if not years) in the event of an emergency or a technical problem.

When the event was announced, NewVoiceMedia CEO Jonathan Gale noted that the nature of the cloud-based solution is simply far more flexible than premise-based models.

“As well as providing a superior alternative to on-premise solutions, a cloud contact center can be deployed quickly, which means businesses can deliver added value as soon as possible,” he said. “Our strategic alliance will enable even faster deployments for our customers’ telephony infrastructures and acceleration of our technology into live customer environments.”

For the average end user, the implementation might take a little longer than 20 minutes, however. And, don’t forget the coffee pot. 

Edited by Blaise McNamee